Back to School

Wanting to learn all there is to know about running a wood fired pizza business, I jumped at the chance to attend Wood Fired University in Denver, Colorado. I invited my mom, Jeri, to join me (pictured far right). Our instructor, Ajith (pictured middle) was knowledgeable and enthusiastic.

Hands-on Learning

The three-day workshop covered every aspect of the wood fired pizza business. It was a combination of classroom time and hands-on practical learning. We learned about the history of pizza, making dough and cheese, how to run a successful pizza business, and of course, cooking pizza in a wood fired oven.

The Grand Finale

The final day of the workshop, we held a special event, cooking and serving our pizza to the public. It was a little nerve-wracking but a fun team-building exercise – and of course, our customers loved it!

The Graduates

We left Denver feeling confident and excited about our newly-acquired skills. Wood Fired University was a great learning experience, one that I will not soon forget!